Jason Laronde


Office Information

Agent Bio:

I’m a dedicated individual who has spent my entire life in Renfrew County, a region close to my heart. Born and raised here, I have developed a strong bond with the community and a deep understanding of its values and needs.

For approximately twelve years, I served as a police Constable with the Pembroke Police Service, demonstrating my commitment to public safety and upholding the law. During my tenure, I proved to be an exceptional officer, known for my professionalism, problem-solving skills, and unwavering dedication to protecting and serving the community.

In addition to my past career in law enforcement, I ventured into the real estate profession, where I have quickly established myself as a reputable and trusted agent. Drawing on my knowledge of the local area and my genuine care for the community, I have been instrumental in helping individuals and families find their dream homes.  My strong work ethic, negotiation skills, and ability to understand my clients’ needs have made me a sought-after real estate professional in Renfrew County.

Beyond his career pursuits, I remain deeply committed to giving back to the community through volunteer work. I have been actively involved with Pembroke Minor Hockey, where I not only shares my passion for the sport but also acts as a mentor and positive role model for young athletes. Additionally, I continue to volunteer on various committees, each with a focus on improving the lives of residents in the region.

One of the qualities that sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty. Throughout my personal and professional life, I have been known as a person who can be trusted and relied upon to do the right thing, even in challenging circumstances. My respect for others and strong moral compass have earned me the admiration and respect of my peers and the community at large.

As a dedicated community member and a successful real estate professional, I continue to work towards making Renfrew County a better place for everyone.  I bring a sense of responsibility and dedication to everything i do, striving to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.  My strong sense of civic duty and genuine care for the community have earned me a reputation as a person who can be counted on to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of the Renfrew County.