Natalie Frodsham

Broker of Record / Owner

Office Information

Agent Bio:

My story of why I am a realtor is an example of how personal experiences can shape a person’s professional goals. By starting my own brokerage and only accepting agents who share the same professional values, I have created a culture of honesty and collaboration in my industry. We are a brokerage of growth, support and commitment to our clients and our team.

I am deeply committed to my clients and their well-being. I understand the importance of buying or selling a home, both financially and emotionally, and want to make sure that families are protected during this process. This kind of care and protection is invaluable.

Overall, my story is a reminder of the importance of putting people first, both in business and in life. My family runs on these values and so does my business. This is why my husband is also my business partner and we work on these goals together.

It is important to remember that hindsight is 20/20, and at the time, we can only make decisions based on the information and advice available to us. You may not know what questions to ask, I will make sure you have the answers even if you don’t know the question. I remember with all my moves before I was a realtor feeling lost, uncomfortable and uncertain of the process. My clients will never have this experience.

I am a professional who prioritize your well-being and has your best interests at heart When making important financial decisions, such as buying or selling a home, I will provide the right guidance and support can make all the difference.